Lisa Pitching Lisa

The first version of the final product will be far more realistic in every respect. Put your expectations very high!

Click here to watch Lisa give a first presentation (2′) of herself!

This is A.I. generated in face and voice with no real person involved.

We will realize this on the fly (while coaching) and with many clients simultaneously.. There will be no significant interface-related pauze before Lisa starts talking in the coaching dialogue. There may be some due to the inferencing (Lisa’s thinking).

Note that this demo version will still be greatly improved in terms of sharpness, resolution, emotional expression following content, and lip-sync; also in pitching, pauzes, etc.

Lisa will also understand your talking very well. We use proprietary methods of Natural Language Understanding (including Transformer Technology) & clarification for optimal results in different languages.

We are working very hard on an interactive version. Lisa will increasingly better be able to coach and learn in Compassionate ways, combining rational science and human depth.

Stay tuned!