Your Mind as Cure

Your A.I. Coach to Reach it

Elevator pitch:

“Our Compassionate AI-powered video coach-bot Lisa provides a revolutionary solution for burnout, chronic pain management, and eventually many more domains, empowering patients to take control of their lives and resume daily activities with minimal discomfort.”

Lisa is a Compassion-based, A.I.-driven video coach-bot in development. ‘Compassion’ involves caring for total human beings, including conceptual and non-conceptual (mainly non-conscious) mental processing. Ancient wisdom and the most modern science come together in this, as do Eastern and Western cultures, as do the body and mind of each individual, as do rationality and human depth.

From this high-end dream, we go to direct reality and see that this is eventually the way to get from real problems to real solutions. One can see many issues rising by the lack of such. This goes from mental disease to sociocultural un-ease, fueled by and leading to war and anxiety in many ways. Doing well as an individual and doing good for the planet can go seamlessly together. The way you care for your health is not exempt from this. Support for doing so from the inside out may become a fundamental human right.

The future of A.I. can be Compassionate or not. Seen from the future, the most crucial priority of the present age is probably to ensure A.I.’s being Compassionate from the start. Lisa can aid in this and perhaps even play a central role, given its domain of coaching and bringing Compassion to the fore in possibly every human mind-related matter.

The AureLisa project intends to make this come true. AURELIS (see this blog-wiki for much info) is the broader project, philosophy, and many tools. Lisa is the coach-bot envisioned to  realize this for as many people as possible, whether rich or poor (also where there is no doctor), old or young. The mind is crucial to anyone and, through anyone, to all together. We strive for a synthesis of doing good and doing well at a global scale. The first focus is chronic pain. Following that comes a broad array of issues.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to wait for this much longer.

Kick start your mind power